This Is How I Manage to Get My Christmas Shopping Done in Half an Hour

There's a not-so-secret Christmas shopping trick I've used for the past couple of years that takes the stress out of it all: Instead of rushing around different shops, I just do it all on one place online. No rush, no fuss. And the gifts can even get delivered the next day needed. So what's the magical place in question? Amazon. After all, if you find the whole present-buying process overwhelming, I don't blame you. The idea of trying to find the ideal gift for every member of your family—plus a few tokens here and there for friends, colleagues, and pets—can be a bit of a nightmare. But doing it all on one online store means you'll have more time to actually enjoy the festive season.

Amazon Gifts: 5 inch and Up surrounded by presents


While most consider it the best place to buy books and perhaps some electrical goods, it's also great for fashion items, food and beauty too. Basically, you can buy everything you could possibly need for the festive period. That said, the sheer amount of products Amazon now stocks can make it fantastically difficult to narrow down your options—which is why I've done the job for you. From cutting-edge blow-dryers to the boots everyone wants to gorgeous beauty products and delicious chocolates, there genuinely is a way to check everyone off of your Christmas shopping list in one swift checkout process.

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There's nothing worse than getting your earphone wires tangled up with your clothes. These from Bang & Olufsen are wireless and come in a great rose shade.

We love Giovanna Battaglia's take on fashion, and she's always a favourite on the street style scene. 

You can even get designer bags on Amazon.

For all that working out you'll need to do post-cheese. 

Okay, this one is also a present to buy yourself—the super-relaxing spray will help lull you into a deep sleep. 

You can only take my word for it, but these are some of the tastiest biscuits ever. The whole family will thank you for buying these. 

You can't go wrong with leggings, and these are best sellers. 

Give in to the modern home's ultimate accessory (just buy in grey for chicness). 

The boots everyone has been after this season. 

Pricey for a blow-dryer, yes. But the reviews say it's worth it. 

The pictures in this book are enough to make us want to buy it for everyone. 

Inexpensive but still a design classic.

You don't have to be a fashion lover to enjoy this book of New York stories. 

Always a fail-safe gift. 

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