11 Fashion Items That Our Editors Always Buy From Amazon

What was life like before Amazon? We cannot clearly recall such a time, but it did exist, and we did, somehow, get through it. This e-commerce giant has become our 999 call for shopping, but the closest it has got to our wardrobes is via a multipack of these ingenious non-slip hangers or some all-important moth repellent. No self-respecting fashion fan would shop for actual clothes there, would she? Well, maybe that concept is outdated. Read on.

Not only is the fashion section of Amazon undergoing major changes (we're actually really into their in-house fashion line, Find), but even without this push we've discovered that the online superstore provides certain niche items by the dozen: The classic—and highly sought after—Alpha Industries MA-1 bomber jacket, for example.

Scroll down to discover the coolest things you can find on Amazon.

Secret Buy #1: Wardrobe Basics

Amazon fashion best shopping tips: Emma Hill wears white tee and denim skirt



Style Notes: Who What Wear deputy editor Emma Spedding has already named racer tank tops as an essential summer piece for 2019, while other members of the team love to stock up on cycling shorts and white tees on Amazon.  

Secret Buy #2: Teva Sandals

Tevas (yes, the camping sandals) have made an unlikely comeback among fashion circles this season, and we're all snapping them up on Amazon.

Secret Buy #3: Gildan Hoodies and Crewnecks



Gildan is one of those wholesale brands that produce a lot of the basic jumpers and tees that people then customise. Their basic unisex hoodies and crewneck jumpers are the perfect fit and come in every colour of the rainbow.

Secret Buy #4: Underwear

Amazon fashion best shopping tips: Emma Hoareau in pink top and lace underwear



Style Notes: Who What Wear's Hannah Almassi goes to Amazon to stock up on underwear basics and repeat-buys her favourite bra styles. 

Secret Buy #5: A-1 Bomber Jackets

Amazon fashion best shopping tips: MA-1 Bomber Jackets


Getty Images

Style Notes: Of course you need a bomber jacket in your wardrobe. Amazon has the real deal from the OG brand Alpha Industries.

Secret Buy #6: Dr. Marten's Shoes and Boots

Amazon fashion best shopping tips: Dr Martens Shoes and Boots


Style du Monde

Style Notes: The only shoes (apart from Tevas) that you need? DMs, of course. 

Secret Buy #7: Utility Overalls

Amazon fashion best shopping tips: Utility overalls



Style Notes: Just pair with a bold tee underneath and some strappy sandals. Everyone else will be paying way above the price for these genuine utility goods, and they're far more authentic.

Secret Buy #8: Classic Trainers

Amazon fashion best shopping tips: ASOS Lotte wears ASOS corduroy suit and Nike trainers



Style Notes: A pair of classic lace-up trainers will go with everything you own and Amazon stocks all of the recognisable names you'd ever look for. Top tip: Due to different retailers having different uploading methods they may sometimes not be credited with the exact style name, so be sure to dig around to find what you want.

Secret Buy #9: Bucket Hats

Style Notes: Bucket hats have transcended their trend status and are here to stay. 

Secret Buy #11: Levi's Jeans

Amazon fashion best shopping tips: classic levi's



Style Notes: The best jeans you will ever buy, on this platform or anything other TBH.

Secret Buy #10: Dickies Dungarees



Style Notes: Borrow from the boys workwear department, and wear these with anything from a white tee to an organza blouse.

Secret Buy #11: Birkenstock Sandals

Style Notes: Birkenstock sandals are just getting more popular every year, so they make for the perfect summer investment.

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This story was originally published at an earlier time and has since been updated.

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