I've Been Skipping Foundation Ever Since I Discovered This Bronzing Mist

Recently, I discovered the power of a holiday glow. Not necessarily a tan (the high factor SPF that we should all be wearing doesn’t really permit that) but a radiant glow. There’s a luminance to sunkissed summer skin that gives me the confidence every year to banish foundation to the bottom of my beauty bag and skip any other makeup bar the odd lashings of mascara and brow pencil.

After the sun-kissed, stress-free skin of my early September holiday wore off, I was left with a seriously unperky looking complexion. The type that leaves people constantly asking: ‘Are you tired?’ But after getting used to not wearing foundation on a day-to-day basis I wasn’t ready to commit to going back to a full face of makeup. That’s when I came across the Amanda Harrington Face Illuminating Bronzing Mist. Now, I have to admit, when I was first introduced to this, I did roll my eyes a little. I mean, it’s essentially a facial spray tan, right? I doubted it would even work for my deep skin tone. But I was so wrong.

Before applying the Amanda Harrington Bronzing Face Mist.

This mist works on so many different levels but for me it’s the perfect way to give a radiant, gentle contour. It comes in three shades; natural rose for fair skin, natural honey for warm medium skin and natural olive for dark skin tones like mine. In the morning, after doing my full skincare routine including SPF, I allow it to sink in before spraying a face brush with the mist and applying it in the areas I would apply bronzer. This is important– at first I spritzed my face with it as if it was a refreshing water– it’s not– and it will look uneven if you don’t apply with some precision. I swirl the brush along my cheekbone, into my forehead, swipe my nose and then finish on my chin and neck. As I have a slight uneven tone around my mouth, I swipe the remanence on the brush around it for a little wash of colour. The formula of the mist gives a subtle but instant bronze which continues to develop gently throughout the day and the hyaluronic acid gives a boost of moisture too.


Immediately after applying the Amanda Harrington Bronzing Face Mist.

Since wearing this I’ve gotten so many compliments on my skin and I’ve really enjoyed the lightness of not feeling like I need a base every day. If I fancy added coverage boost I’ll mixed a bit of Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter into my moisturiser.

I use the Joy Adenuga Big Mamma brush to apply but if you buy the Amanda Harrington Jet Set Duo you get a travel sized mist and a great kabuki style brush to boot. I would honestly say that this little bottle has given me a holiday rivalling glow.


A Few More Of My Favourite Bronzers

Perfect for an all-over glow, I like to use a little bit on a fluffy face powder brush to give full face radiance.

I was so impressed by the new shade of this that I wrote all about it here. There’s still room for a few extra shades but if you're my complexion, the deeper shade is great for a dewy glow.

If you prefer your bronzer with a good dose of shine for a highlighted effect, this is a good glowy option. Sweep it along the top of your cheekbones for a standout shimmer.

Think of this as a bronzer-meets-contour, hence the name. It’s extremely pigmented so a little swirl goes a long way. Blend into the hollows of your cheekbones and buff upwards for the most convincing bronze and contour.

Such a classic and a crowd-pleaser, this bronzer has a shade for all skin tones and you can pick from a completely matte formula or a subtle shimmer.

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