Amal Clooney's Latest Shoe Choice Will Probably Surprise You

When it comes to her shoes, Amal Clooney tends to stay on the more traditional and classic side of the spectrum, typically opting for simple pumps with fresh touches. But on a recent lunch date with husband George, Amal reached for something quite different, pairing a feminine eyelet blouse with some rather edgy sartorial partners: ripped skinny jeans, a leather bomber jacket, and (here's where the shock factor comes in) a pair of wedge-heeled sneakers. Say what?!

It's not that we're fundamentally opposed to the sneaks, it's just that if you chopped off the top part of the photo below, would you ever guess it was Amal Clooney? Probably not—and yet, she pulls it off. And here's some good news for those of you who might be super into the look: We found the shoes! They're Ash's Thelma sneakers, and they're currently available for a relatively modest $199.

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