Here's What Happened When I Re-Created Amal Clooney's Best Beauty Looks

Who is your celebrity crush? Mine is unquestionably Amal Clooney. I’ve loved her ever since she stepped out in that head-to-toe white Stella McCartney jumpsuit for her civil wedding ceremony in Venice back in 2014 (I’m still dreaming of the day I can wear that outfit) and I’ve followed her style, beauty looks and the incredible work she does ever since. From her chic and polished sense of style (which we love to wax lyrical about here on Who What Wear) to her gorgeous makeup looks on and off the red carpet, Amal never fails to give us stunning looks to ogle.

Eager to lift myself out of my own “boring” makeup rut this month, I decided to do some digging on the beauty and makeup products that Amal uses to achieve her glowing and glamorous looks—and put them to the test. It turns out Charlotte Tilbury is her makeup artist and has worked with Amal for a plethora of events from the Met Gala to Meghan Markle's wedding. We tapped into the British celebrity makeup artist and asked her to share the products she uses to give Amal such striking skin and makeup. Lucky for us, the products are all from her namesake line and readily available to shop now.

Below, I’m highlighting two gorgeous Amal Clooney beauty looks: one from Meghan Markle’s royal wedding and the other from the Met Gala 2018 that I was eager to give a try for myself. I obviously didn't have Charlotte on hand to help me apply (I wish!), but thankfully her products are super easy to use.

See how I did emulating Amal Clooney's best makeup looks below and shop the Charlotte Tilbury products you need to achieve them. (And next time, I'm trying her hair!)

For the Met Gala

Amal Clooney Beauty Secrets: Met Gala Look


Getty Images; @joiedejude

Amal looked stunning at the Met Gala in 2018, and I was hankering to re-create her glowing look for some special events coming up this summer.

I prepped my skin with the highly touted Charlotte's Magic Cream (which has a gorgeous texture), and Wonderglow Primer. I always tend to forget to put on primer, but it makes such a difference to start your look with a soft, smooth canvas. This one gives a beautiful lit-from-within base.

I may have overdone it on the Hollywood Beauty Light Wand Highlighter, (a little goes a long way), but it was so darn beautiful I couldn't help myself. I applied it to the inner corners of my eyes and my cheekbones. I'm not great at doing a cat eye but the Audrey eyeliner pencil glides on easily and is essential to make eyes pop.

I don't tend to wear red lipstick very often, especially one that looks so, well, red! But I'm definitely going to start wearing it more often, as I felt it brightened up my whole face and added a touch of Hollywood glamor to my look. Screen Siren has a bold, matte finish and even if I'm not wearing any makeup—this will unquestionably add a French-girl touch to my beauty look.

Amal Clooney Beauty Secrets: Met Gala 2018


Getty Images

Shop the Products Used to Achieve the Look

An Instagram filter in a bottle. Dot along the cheekbones and high points of the face after your foundation. Amal used shade 2.

This creates a lovely, soft finish to your base.

A pop of pink adds a pretty finishing touch to the face.

I was really trying to emulate Amal's eyebrows, and this definitely helped.

This is literally my new favourite product. Apply to the inner corners and on the cheekbones for a lit-from-within glow.

These made my eyelashes so long and dramatic. I may not use it every day, but it's perfect for a night out.

Give the impression of wider-looking lips. 

A hue that will turn heads. This definitely converted me to use red lipstick more regularly. 

For the Royal Wedding: 

Amal Clooney Beauty Secrets: Royal Wedding


Getty Images, @joidejude

I love Amal's soft and pretty makeup look, which was perfect for a (royal!) spring wedding. I'll definitely be copying this look again for every upcoming spring and summer soirée. 

I was surprised at the instant glowing impact of the Eyes to Mesmerize eye shadow (Jean is my favorite). A little goes a long way, and the creamy texture makes it really easy to apply (I would do it with your fingers for a better blend.)

But what really stood out was the gorgeous lipstick. I'll be honest, at first glance both Bond Girl and Walk of Shame look rather dark and intimidating, but surprisingly when blended together they create a lovely dark pink shade that is super flattering on all skin tones.


Getty Images

Shop the products to achieve the look:

This contains SPF so there's no need to add a separate layer on hot summer days.

I'll be honest, I'm not the greatest at contouring but the Charlotte Tilbury website shows you the basics of how to apply.

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