While You Were Sleeping: The 9 Must-Read Stories of the Week

Catch up on the week's biggest fashion news stories, all in one place!

1. Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney's official wedding photo album came out, and it's just as beautiful as you'd expect.

2. We rounded up eight really simple style rules that sartorially progressive women always follow.

3. We found out that this surprising boot style has an insanely long waiting list this season.

4. Kate Middleton chose a $99 dress to wear out on her tour of New York, and we showed you where to pre-order it.

5. The Victoria's Secret Angels made a video lip-syncing to Taylor Swift, and it's sufficiently awesome.

6. We gave you 10 really easy steps to looking more photogenic in a snap.

7. Zara, once again, supplied us with 15 super-easy, super-stylish outfit ideas.

8. A new study revealed that this It-bag was, in fact, one of the most-searched bags of 2014

9. In a genius and adorable move, J.Crew hired a four-year-old designer as their next major collaborator.

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