Don't Dismiss These "Mum" Shops

We all have our go-to brands. On a shopping trip, you do a loop of your favourite shops, and if they don’t have what you’re looking for, you go home empty-handed. You check the brand’s new-in section daily and know the store’s stock by heart. This can be great and save you precious time, but before you know it, your entire wardrobe is made up of three or four labels and you can’t turn up to a party without twinning.

But what about the brands that aren’t on our fashion radar—the shops you simply “don’t look in”? There are a few I can think of that are often dismissed as “mum shops” (note—some of us here are mums, but we’re referencing the older gen that tends to frequent these places). I’ll admit that I didn’t visit these at first either, but once I ventured from my strict shopping path, I was delighted and surprised at the pieces on offer: Scouting out an exceedingly good item from an unexpected source never fails to supply bragging rights.

So perhaps you wouldn’t buy every single item from the following stores, but isn’t that true of any place? What is guaranteed is that you’re missing out on a whole host of delights by omitting them from your shopping radar, as I often find the below brands offer superior fit and comfort. Here, with the focus on well-cut pieces and quality of fabric as much as it is on trends, there’s about to be more competition in these stores than ever before.