I Have a Feeling This Will Be 2021’s Biggest Skincare Brand

You know how most people manage to map out their memories around major life events (such as a wedding, a birth, meeting their partner, buying a new house, etc.)? Well, as a beauty editor whose life revolves around testing and trialling every skincare launch that comes my way, I find it far easier to remember things by using skincare launches as my cues.

Take, for example, last week when my boyfriend asked me what year we moved out of our last flat. While he was convinced we made our move in late 2017, I know for a fact it must have been late 2018, as I specifically remember a bottle of Drunk Elephant serum sitting on my skincare shelf in the bathroom, and Drunk Elephant wasn’t a thing here in the UK in 2017. And while this skill seems totally useless, it has its benefits—mainly when it comes to predicting the future.

And no, I’m not going mystic on you. In essence, having the ability to remember exactly what was happening in the world when certain skincare brands rose to fame means I’ve actually become quite good at predicting what brands are next just by looking at the world around me. At present, we're in a bit of a limbo—both in life and our skincare routines. It would appear there is space for a new brand du jour. But if you ask me, this vacancy won’t be around for much longer and certainly not if Allies of Skin has anything to say about it.

Chances are, if you like to keep up to date with what’s hot in the world of skincare, you are already familiar with Allies of Skin. It’s been on the radar of beauty buffs for the last few years, and its highly efficacious yet basic skincare products often pop up in editor-approved lists and Instagram round-ups. However, in recent months, I’ve spotted that more and more people have something to say about the wonder of Allies of Skin's products—so much so, in fact, that I’m expecting it to gain official cult status in 2021.

Allies of Skin: Molecular Silk Amino Hydrating Cleanser



So what do you need to know? Well, launching back in 2016, Allies of Skin has always taken a zero-fuss approach to skincare, championing highly effective, clinically proven actives. Essentially, while other skincare brands were opting for single-ingredient, more affordable products (e.g., The Ordinary), Allies of Skin was busy combining ingredients to produce really great skincare products that do it all. While this approach definitely comes at a cost (Allies of Skin sits in the high-end category when it comes to its pricing), it’s safe to say that 2020 has a lot of us rethinking our skincare routines. 

While this time last year we were all about buying up affordable serums and layering them in order to create the ultimate bespoke regimen, nowadays, our priorities are changing. We want products that just do what they say they’ll do. We want skincare we can slap on without thinking too much about it. The fewer products we have, the better. (On top of everything, we’re trying to save the planet, too, don’t you know.) And yes, Allies of Skin ticks all of those boxes. While it’s expensive, when it comes to our beauty routines, many of us are taking a closer look at what we’re spending our money on right now. I, for example, have recently pulled out three products (each costing around £30 each) that I simply don’t get the promised results with. Instead, I’m vowing to cut back on the amount I’m using and invest in multi-hyphenate products that require no extensive planning or thought. That's where Allies of Skin is a clear winner for me.

From personal experience, I can safely say that Allies of Skin is at the forefront of the skincare game right now. The products are simple and fuss-free and yield serious results. Each individual product is carefully formulated to deliver maximum impact, meaning you don't have to layer serum after serum. So if you’re looking to invest and curate a skincare routine that packs a punch, I highly recommend turning your eye to Allies of Skin. Keep scrolling to shop the products that are garnering some serious attention right now.

Quite frankly one of the best cleansers I have ever used, this stuff offers a deep cleanse but is also incredibly gentle, keeping the skin's moisture barrier intact. It leaves skin clean, clear, and seriously glowy.

Retinol users, listen up. This overnight retinal mask has taken the industry by storm, with skin experts, skinfluencers, and beauty editors all giving it their seal of approval. It's pricey, but it delivers super-speedy results. Expect skin to look clearer, glowy, and more youthful after just a few weeks of use. Plus, the clever peptide complex means it's nowhere near as irritating as some of the other retinol products out there. Its hype means it's growing more and more tricky to get hold of, so keep an eye out for restocks.

Not only does this daily moisturiser deliver next-level hydration, but it also contains a healthy dose of vitamin C and other antioxidants to protect against the effects of pollution and minimise the appearance of irregular pigmentation. 

If you struggle with breakouts, blackheads, and blemishes, this sleeping mask contains an impressive array of spot-busting ingredients, including acids, fruit enzymes, and colloidal silver. Plus, it's formulated with probiotics and manuka honey to keep skin hydrated and balanced while it works.

Ideal for those with oily skin that is showing signs of fatigue and stress, this daily cream works to brighten, soothe, prevent breakouts, and protect against environmental aggressors, all in a day's work.

Simply add a few drops of this booster into your serum or moisturiser, morning and night, to strengthen the skin barrier and reduce the appearance of large pores. It's smooth, healthy skin in a bottle.

Far from your bog-standard hyaluronic acid serum, this seriously scientific formula contains different forms of hyaluronic acid with varying molecular weights (this guarantees optimum hydration and plumping) and a peptide complex to improve the skin's natural collagen production and to help plump skin and reduce fine lines. The cherry on top? Antioxidant powerhouse resveratrol to soothe and protect.

If your skin is facing the wrath of 2020 life, this brightening night mask should help. Containing a blend of acids (including glow-boosting AHAs and exfoliating salicylic acid), it works to unclog pores and brighten overnight. And if you're worried about sensitivity, fear not. Hyaluronic acid and niacinamide help to soothe and hydrate to minimise the risk of irritation. 

It might seem expensive, but for a vitamin C serum as potent as this one, it's significantly cheaper than its big-name competitors. As all great vitamin C products should, this helps to protect skin from environmental aggressors, minimising the signs of ageing and leaving skin brighter, even, and radiant. 

Now, here is a daily moisturiser that really does do it all. It's hydrating and nourishing without feeling suffocating. Along with powerhouse hydrators, it contains a bunch of antioxidants to protect skin against free radical damage. If my purse (and job) would allow, this would probably be the only moisturiser I use. 

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