49 Photos of the Alexander Wang x H&M Collection You Haven't Seen

1. Racked got an awesome sneak peek of the Alexander Wang for H&M collection in the showroom! [Racked]

2. After quite the uproar about her new appearance at an event this week, Renee Zellwegger has addressed the rumours. [NY Mag]

3. Exciting: Kate Moss is going to make a cameo in a holiday film this year! [Harper's Bazaar]

4. If you love Zara, you'll love this store too. [HuffPo]

5. If you know a girl who has perfect hair, then you can bet she always does these 10 things. [Byrdie]

6. Karl Lagerfeld filmed a movie starring Pharrell and Cara Delevingne. Add to your to-do list ASAP! [WWD]

7. Dong some autumnal entertaining this season? These 10 table sets are sure to delight! [Domaine]

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