The £3 Jewellery Trend That's Made a Surprising Return

Much like slip dresses, we predict there's another '90s trend that's going to be huge. Recently, we've spotted Alexa Chung sporting a yin-yang ring. While we all used to wear this design back in the '90s, along with our mood rings (which totally need to come back too), the fact that the Chungster is so dedicated to this look means that we can guarantee there'll be a slew of copycats coming up. 

Whether she's wearing the ring on a red carpet, hanging out at home, or trying on her new Marks & Spencer collection, Chung always wears this item. But she's not the only one who we've spotted with the design. Street style favourite (and Hey Woman founder) Veronika Heilbrunner also posted up a snap of herself wearing a necklace version. 

So if you buy one piece of jewellery this season, you know what it should be. To see how both Chung and Heilbrunner have styled theirs, take a look at their Insta snaps. Keep scrolling to see the yin-yang trend back in action, plus where to buy it now.

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