Exclusive: Alexa on Her Surprising New Outfit Goals

To celebrate the launch of Who What Wear and Byrdie in the UK there could be no finer industry darling to join us than Alexa Chung. She's a fashion plate extraordinaire among the international set, a trusted tastemaker and pied piper of trends, dreamy British brand ambassador and let's not forget to mention designer, published author, presenter, DJ and now tech-savvy entrepreneur. The eternally well-dressed Alexa found time in her back-to-back schedule—fresh from a night of fun at the British Fashion Awards—to host our swish opening party alongside co-founder Katherine Power.

Within the magical confines of one of London’s most exclusive venues—LouLou’s in Mayfair—Alexa, who was bedecked in ditsy winter florals courtesy of Philosophy di Lorenza Serafini, spoke of her latest wardrobe obsession (can you guess what it is?), why she’ll always have a soft spot for Who What Wear and how her hair manages to ruin every winter outfit…

Scroll down to read all about it and, if you’re feeling inspired, shop the pieces on Alexa’s wish-list!


Who What Wear UK

On Chung: Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini dress.

Who What Wear UK: Alexa, you’ve been a super-fan of Who What Wear for quite some time now, what is it that you like about the site?

Alexa Chung: I first heard about them because, in a very narcissistic way, I knew that they were featuring me! I was being asked to answer these questions on what I was wearing and I was like ‘Who are these people and why do you they want to know?’ But also they were one of the first websites to feature street style so prominently, and in that respect I think many blogs and Instagram accounts have now emulated that eye for curation. I like the tone, I like the voice and it’s an amazing compendium of everything you need to know about style. And that’s also what I enjoy; it’s not about fashion necessarily but style— how different people express their personal style. It’s non-judgemental.

WWW UK: And what of your personal style right now? We know you have a reportedly large amount of navy jumpers…

AC: I really do. Now it’s cream Aran sweaters as well—similar but a little bit different. I like &Daughter’s at the moment, they’re amazing. I tried to order one yesterday but they’ve sold out, so, ahh, too late to the party.


Who What Wear UK

On Lawrenson: Zara top; ASOS culottes; Jimmy Choo shoes.

On Chung: Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini dress.

On Power: Dion Lee dress; Manolo Blahnik shoes.

On Almassi: Vintage Holly's Harp dress; Loeffler Randall shoes.

WWW UK: In terms of your winter style then, what’s the vibe for this year?

AC: I really will give up on trying! I just got a Fjallraven jacket which is like a sleeping bag with arms as I’ve decided that I don’t think I can live in New York without being more practical about it. It’s miserable trying to survive the winter there and look nice. I feel like hair has a lot to do with how good you look in the winter; if you have long thick hair or like interesting curly hair, or just volume in general, you look much nicer in a simple layered situation. If you are blessed like me with horribly thin, you know, grease wefts, then sometimes winter can be a real challenge!

WWW UK: Well we’ve never noticed that! You looked incredible in Erdem last night at the British Fashion Awards too…

AC: I loved it. Wasn’t it nice? I was unsure as to whether I could pull it off as I went to that show and adored every single look, but there were obviously easier ones to wear. But that is a spring/summer 2016 collection and it was the BFAs… So it seemed the most seasonally appropriate and occasion appropriate.


Anthony Harvey/Getty

On Chung: Erdem dress; Jimmy Choo shoes.

WWW UK: Who are the other British designers on your go-to list?

AC: I’m wearing a Stella McCartney coat tonight, I really love her relaxed tailoring and understated chic. Obviously Christoper Kane, J.W.Anderson, Charlotte Olympia… I know Tabitha Simmons is based in New York but she is British and I love her shoes. Shrimps is very cool.

WWW UK: And what about the Great British high street? Do you shop on it?

AC: Yes! TopshopZaraM&S—get those knickers and tights. Gap sometimes can be good. Zara I think does really great clothes that are fashion forward that you can mix into your look or not even—I’ve got really lovely dresses from Zara where people are like ‘Is that Chloe?’

WWW UK: Obviously thousands of savvy girls take style cues from you, but do you ever look to anyone else for inspiration?

AC: I definitely admire a lot of people. But I don’t consciously make an effort to follow or emulate what someone’s wearing. I always think Kate Bosworth looks amazing, she was wearing an Erdem dress last night too, Diane Kruger always looks brilliant, Solange always has interesting style, Kate Moss obviously—she is the queen, the original, legend. I think maybe subconsciously that feeds into my personal style but not necessarily directly. I’ll think, They were brave enough to try that, it inspires me to, you know, push the boundaries of what I thought I was looking for.


Gisela Schober/Getty

On Chung: Burberry Prorsum dress.

WWW UK: Are you an online shopping girl or do you still like to actually head out to the stores?

AC: A bit of both depending on how much time I have, you can’t always mooch around Liberty’s… I really like Villoid [Alexa’s co-founded social shopping app] actually!

WWW UK: But, of course! So how has setting this app up changed the way you shop?

AC: It’s meant that I buy more because I’m working on filtering out what’s good and bad and in the process of that, because we have such amazing affiliate sales, we sell a lot of brilliant stuff from MyTheresa, Reformation, I’m on there like ‘Ooh, that Valentino flat is very good isn’t it?’ It’s a bit of a nightmare!

A nightmare we’d gladly get involved in. Thanks Alexa!


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