Alexa Chung Broke the #1 Wedding-Guest Dress Rule—and We Love Her for It

This weekend was considered the third most popular weekend of the year to get married, according to stats, so unsurprisingly, Instagram and Facebook were flooded with wedding pictures. Alexa Chung attended a ceremony in Greece, and in typical Alexa Chung style, she made us rethink the usual wedding-guest dress conventions. Traditionally we are told not to wear white or black to weddings; however, Alexa proves if you wear both at the same time this rule becomes completely redundant. Alexa wore a flamenco-style black-and-white polka-dot dress with ruffled detailing on the sleeves and in a square panel across the front. She accessorized the look perfectly with an elegant paper fan and cat-eye sunglasses. Scroll below to see Alexa's perfect destination wedding outfit.

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Opening Image: Rex

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