Alexa Chung's New Jeans Will Make Your Legs Look Twice as Long

Alexa Chung launched her own clothing line in May and is now starting to drop the pieces from her second collection, which includes emoji-face sweatshirts and pearl chokers. In the mix, we noticed a pair of jeans that we think just might start a whole trend. Alexa's jeans of the season are a pair ofgrey-wash bootcut jeans with a pinstripe down the leg.

Alexa Chung jeans



Not only is the super-thin stripe leg-lengthening, but also, the description hints that she might have been inspired by French style: "a jean that sits somewhere between Parisian suburb and English farmhouse." We don't think we've ever seen striped jeans look this cool. Alexa, we're sold.

Scroll below to see and shop Alexa Chung's jeans of the season.

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