Everything About This Alexa Chung Outfit Is Perfect

Question: Does anyone know what's going on with the weather right now? We know that it's such a British cliché to bang on about it, but it's playing serious havoc with our wardrobe choices. The morning might be a little chilly, so we'll put on some jeans but come the afternoon we're feeling a bit, well, sticky. So what's the solution to such an annoying sartorial problem? Alexa Chung, of course. No, it's not because she's giving us a personalised weather report (although, if anyone wants to use that as a TV show idea, then you heard it here first), but because once again she's onto a winning outfit combo. 

Yesterday, Chung Instagrammed a photo of her in a patent miniskirt, graphic tee and a chunky pink cardigan—all the components for the perfect transitional outfit. For us, though, the real star of the show was the patent skirt. It's just directional enough to feel edgy but classic enough to last a few seasons. And, as we've said before, come next season the miniskirt is going to be everywhere, so we suggest you invest in one now by taking a tip from the Chungster. Want to see the outfit in action? Keep scrolling for Alexa's look and where to shop our favourite patent miniskirts right now.

These skirt is a bargain. You wouldn't believe it's under £100.

A classic that will last you for more than a season.

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