Alexa Chung's New Collection Comes From Marks & Spencer's Archive

Alexa Chung is a great British style icon. Marks & Spencer is the stalwart of the great British high street. Could the idea of the two working on a project together be any greater? Or more British? Or any more exciting, for that matter?

Yes, the news arrives this morning that Chung's latest foray into fashion—following a hugely successful two-season stint with AG—will be delving into the archives of the UK's beloved store. 


Called Archive by Alexa, this is apparently the first in a series of mysteriously as-yet-unnamed M&S collaborations. Launching in April, 31 pieces will land on shop rails and each of them, although updated and brand-new, are based on Alexa's handpicked choices from the store's extensive clothing archive in Leeds.

She'll be bringing them out of the history books and into the here and now with slight design tweaks, plus creative direction of styling and the campaign. "I have always had an affection for Marks & Spencer. I am thrilled to be part of this special and unique project," says Alexa of her new venture. "There was something very touching about looking back through the British fashion and social history for which M&S is synonymous."

We cannot wait. 

Are you excited? Let us know in the comments box below and shop for Alexa Chung–approved wardrobe pillars here!

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