The £15 It Bag That Comes With Alexa's Seal of Approval

Who says that It bags have to cost a small fortune? Sure, a designer tote isn't something I'll ever say no to (I currently can't stop thinking about the Prada Cleo and Gucci's Jackie), but a must-have bag that's also affordable? That's almost unheard of. Today, however, is the day to get acquainted with one such affordable It bag, and it comes with Alexa Chung's approval. The Mercado Bag, currently being sold by Lalo, costs a mere £15 and was spotted on Chung back in December. I'm considering purchasing a version. While the red one that the TV presenter is carrying is already sold out, there are plenty of similar styles on the Lalo website. 

It's worth noting that this style of bag, the Mercado, isn't new. It's a traditional tote created in Oaxaca, Mexico. That said, Lalo sources its bag from weavers in the city and is a sustainable and fair-trade company which supports its workers and ensures they get paid a fair wage. The Lalo bags are also made of 100% recycled plastic. Keep scrolling to see Chung holding her bag and then go on to shop the brand and other Mercado Bag styles. 

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