Only Alexa Chung Could Make Me Want to Wear This Old-School Outfit

I won't lie: Up until recently, I thought button-down shirts and knitted vests were a fashion pairing best reserved for grandfathers or young children in school uniforms. It was a look my late grandfather (or Pappou as we affectionately referred to him in Greek) donned on a very regular basis so the connotation has always been difficult to rid from my mind. 

However, in recent months I've been forced to change my stance on the outfit formula as fashionable women everywhere have started to embrace the classic combination. From editors to influencers, celebrities to models, knit vest and shirt pairings have been championed by even the most discerning fashion folk. And now, having seen the look on Alexa Chung this week, I'm convinced I should try it, too.

In an image uploaded to Instagram, Alexa Chung paired a white and red patterned shirt from the newest collection of her eponymous label, alongside a navy vest and matching corduroy flares. The look had a distinctively retro feel which was only enhanced by the fact the designer chose to pair the outfit with platform mary-jane pumps. 

With spring on its way, it seems now is as good a time as ever to try this classic outfit formula so I've shopped out Alexa's exact look, as well as a few other shirt-and-vest pairings below. 

Shop Alexa's Outfit

Shop More shirt-and–Knit-Vest Pairings

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