The Styling Trick Alexa Chung Always Does Costs Nothing

Trust Alexa Chung to resurrect an old-school preppy trend and make it look fresh… again. This time, the Chungster has been spotted wearing her jumper around her shoulders while she's holidaying in an undisclosed location. While this look has classic "dad" vibes about it, Alexa knows that tied around a crisp white shirt and layered on top of a pair of snazzy trousers, this styling move won't look like you're on your way to B&Q for the weekend's activities. 

But of course she's a pro: This isn't the first time the fashion star has been spotted donning her sweater as such. Way back—last summer, post-Coachella 2015—we also saw that she'd been doing it.  At the time she described the look as "dressing like a Hampshire mum." Well, consider us converts, as while it might still be summer, there's our office air con to contend with, not to mention the fact that the UK weather can be rather changeable. Which means that this is the perfect way to style our jumper for easy access when we're feeling the summer chill—all for free!

Scroll through our gallery to see how Alexa Chung wears her jumper around her shoulders, plus where to shop some of our favourites right now.