Alexa Chung's Instagram Clique: Meet the Stylish Girls on Her Feed

We love Alexa Chung's Instagram more than many significant things in this world, but there's one lesser-known reason as to why we go back to her account time and time again: The girls in the icon's wide-spanning friendship circle never fail to amaze us for both their wardrobes and general awesomeness.

From musicians you had no idea were in the Brit's clique to the fashion insiders she has on speed dial, if you're forever on the lookout for further cool girl inspiration outside of the Chungster herself (although she does have an outfit for every possible eventuality), then just hop onto her feed. It's a veritable hotbed of young, hip, talented women—and that's something that should always be celebrated.

So we've rounded up some of our favourites that we've located on @chungalexa when we've not been too busy style-jacking the main lady herself.

Scroll down to meet the stylish pals in this social media maven's network…