Alexa's Replacement for Skinny Jeans Is New—and Far More Flattering

Alexa Chung's a denim aficionado, we all know that. So when she turns up to a fashion show (H&M's—more on that in a minute) wearing what looks like a subtly fresh silhouette for a pair of jeans, it's important to pay attention. 

The fashion-icon-turned-designer has long been a fan of skinny jeans—there's evidence to suggest she has them in every colour from washed-out pink to white to black to classic indigo—but more recently you're likely to see her wearing wider-leg styles like a cropped flare or high-waisted vintage cut.

This particular pair—worn with a classically Chung-like pair of mid-heel black ankle boots—is unusual in that it's part straight-leg, part cropped-flare and part-bootcut, hence our amalgamated renaming to the "shoot" jeans. It's perfect for the cold weather and tucking your boots underneath, even better for lengthening legs than a cropped flare or skinny style, and particularly excellent for balancing out the fluff-ball proportions of her shaggy coat. 

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