Forget Leggings, This Is How Alexa Chung Does Athleisure When in L.A.

We've all seen pictures of the L.A. set hiking the Hollywood Hills in athleisure, but in typical London fashion, Alexa Chung ditched the gym leggings for a floral slip dress. She joked in her Instagram story about her outfit, saying in an American accent, "I love hiking in L.A. I don't wear usual gym kit because I find this provides me more support emotionally—the floral '90s dress." She then commented on her Instagram post: "Also I'm English—a hike is just a hot walk. People in gym kits? Pppssshhhh." So what do Brits wear for a "hot walk"? Alexa wore two floral spaghetti strap slips with a pair of dark grey Converse shoes and a grey jumper wrapped around her waist.

Scroll below to see Alexa's '90s slip dress, and shop a similar style below.


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