Alexa Chung and Gisele Bündchen Both Successfully Channel Catwoman

We can't say we've ever drawn parallels between the personal styles of Alexa Chung and Gisele Bündchen, but here we have the proof: Within mere hours of each other in New York City, the pair were spotted wearing the same black PVC skinny pants from Italian-Belgian fashion designer Anthony Vaccarello—aka one of the most talked-about men on planet fashion, thanks to his recent appointment at Saint Laurent following Hedi Slimane's departure. 

These are, quite literally and metaphorically, hot pants. But with great sassiness can come great possibilities of falling into tricky territory. How to wear these dominatrix-worthy, Catwoman-style pants and come out on the other side looking cool and casual? Gisele and Alexa have their different ways of doing it, of course, and both wore them so convincingly that we're well up for considering a sizeable change in our trouser shopping habits. 

Keep reading to see Alexa and Gisele's tactics for tackling this new pant trend—then shop a few similar styles if you fancy a go…