Alexa Chung Just Confirmed That Cowboy Boots Are Back

It can feel impossible to get it right at this time of year—coat or no coat? Tights or no tights? Can you get away with your new summer dress yet? In New York City this weekend, Alexa Chung outsmarted the fickle spring weather by wearing a summery Pepto-Bismol pink cotton dress with black leather cowboy boots and a tailored Saint Laurent black midi coat.

Last month, we brought you the news that cowboy boots are returning whether you like it or not, as they feature in House of Holland and Calvin Klein's A/W 17 collections. The key to wearing these boots now, however, is to opt for a sleek city version like Alexa's that have the classic cowboy silhouette but are in black leather rather than brown suede or elaborate Western embroidery. With Alexa behind the trend, this is another major clue that we'll be wearing them once again come September—or maybe even sooner.

Scroll below to see Alexa's perfect spring look, and then shop key pieces to re-create it.

Alexa Chung pink dress and coat



On Alexa Chung: Saint Laurent Coat.

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