Don't Panic, but This Is the First Look at Alexa Chung's Fashion Collection

With her highly successful collections for M&S and AG Jeans, Alexa Chung has proven that she has the power to make people shop, and this year she's launching her own ready-to-wear label called ALEXACHUNG. The collection launches on the 30 May, and the website,, has just gone live with a countdown to when the product drops.


Although we'll have to wait to see which pieces will be the most sought-after, Alexa has given us an idea of what we can expect from her label via a brand-new teaser video. Alexa relives her teenage years by playing an equestrian, and of course, she wears an immaculate uniform we'd like to wear outside of the riding stables. She pairs her white blouse with an "AC" print and a ruffled pie-crust collar with a check blazer with a black velvet collar, white trousers and an oversize black ribbon over her ponytail. She then rides her white horse to perfectly carve out her new logo, a capital A, in the sand.


Alexa has often said that horse riding has hugely influenced her style. "I grew up riding horses and being outside a lot," she told Elle Magazine. "I think my style grew out of a need to move and run around. The flats, the [mini] skirts … one reason I find the era of Jane Birkin so appealing is that when I was first getting more into clothes, I could wear that style and still run around and feel like myself. But also I still felt dressed up." Hopefully, the collection will have even more ruffled blouses and riding boots because so far we're sold. 

Scroll below to watch Alexa's teaser video, and get your first look at the collection.


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Opening Image: Rex