The Trend Alexa Chung Says Is So Over

If the images from Coachella weekend one are any indication, chokers are the hippest accessory of the season (particularly according to Taylor Swift on Instagram), but Alexa Chung thinks the trend has peaked. “Oh my god, the choker is so dead. No thank you,” the new tech entrepreneur told Fashionista.

“No, it’s fine,” she clarified. “Look, everyone can do whatever they want, but I do think there is a certain thing with trends when they reach a tipping point, and that tipping point to me, with the choker, seems to have happened a few months ago. But they look cool, so [I] get it!”

Chung also skipped Coachella this year for the first time in a decade. “I just need something a little bit freer,” the model said. If you want to take Alexa's advice, keep scrolling to shop non-choker necklaces.

Do you agree with Chung’s take on the choker trend? Tell us in the comments!

Opening Image: Rex/Shutterstock

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