Even Alexa Chung Can't Resist 2017's Big Trend

Blessed are we in the United Kingdom for Alexa Chung. While we could complain that more outfit sightings would be preferable, we do appreciate her looks when they pop up. And last night was no exception: During the Vogue: Voice of a Century talk at the Arts Club, Alexa Chung looked as cool and casual as can be (as did her fellow panelist, the magazine's outgoing editor in chief, Alexandra Schulman). That doesn't mean chill. Or scruffy. That means laid-back in the most modern, sophisticated sense. 

With a simple pair of tailored black trousers—the kind of which we probably haven't invested in since the '00s when they were all the rage—Chung slipped on a pair of scrappy black courts (always reliable) and a frilled and ticker-striped statement shirt complete with Dandy-style flounced cuffs (even she cannot resist the charms of this foppish trend). To give the seemingly simple ensemble that all-important Chung-ready flourish, a heart-shaped John Lennon and Yoko Ono–stamped brooch was pinned onto the blouse. Why? We're not sure. But one could never question Alexa's ability to add personality to a look.

This is precisely how we'll be dressing for work, for brunch, for date-nights—heck, for every night. And what's best is that it doesn't even take any thought process at all—Alexa's done the formulating for you. Keep reading to see and shop her look…