6 Days, 10 Looks: See Alexa Chung's Best Fashion Week Outfits

How many costume changes can one leading lady have in a mere six days? Well, if you’re Alexa Chung, somewhere in the double digits! Our favourite clotheshorse didn’t disappoint when she hit the FROW at S/S 16 fashion week—the Brit icon was a cool mix of leading labels (Erdem, Gucci) and emerging brands (Jacquemus, Hillier Bartley) to keep her incalculably cool wardrobe fixed at the top of the fashion charts.

How does Alexa Chung get it so right every single time she gets dressed? Scroll down to see Chung’s fashion formula in action—notepads at the ready!

WHAT: 18 September 2015 at the Vogue J.Crew Party

WEAR: Erdem lace dress from the Resort 16 collection.

WHAT: 19 September 2015 at the House of Holland S/S 16 show

WHAT: 19 September 2015 at the MatchesFashion.com Dinner

WEAR: Hillier Bartley silk dress.

WHAT: 20 September 2015 at the Topshop Unique S/S 16 show

WEAR: Topshop Unique jumpsuit and Velvet Low Heels (£45); Longchamp Le Pliage Héritage Shoulder Bag (£450).

WHAT: 20 September 2015 at the Louis Vuitton Series 3 Party

WEAR: Louis Vuitton dress from the Resort 16 collection.

WHAT: 21 September 2015 at the Business of Fashion 500 Gala Dinner

WEAR: Miu Miu striped dress.


WHAT: 21 September 2015 at London Fashion Week S/S 16

WEAR: Shrimps Hunk Merino Wool Jumper (£310); Margaret Howell Double Ruffle Shirt (£345); Jacquemus Wool-Felt Skirt (£250) in Grey; Hillier Bartley Bunny Handbag (£495) in Multi-Coloured Stripes.

WHAT:  Shrimps Hunk Merino Wool Jumper (£310); Jacquemus Wool-Felt Skirt (£250) in Grey; Hillier Bartley Bunny Handbag (£495) in Multi-Coloured Stripes

WEAR: 21 September 2015 at the London Fashion Week S/S 16.



WHAT: 21 September 2015 at the Erdem S/S 16 show

WEAR: Hillier Bartley Bunny Handbag (£495) in Multi-Coloured Stripes; Topshop Unique Velvet Low Heels (£45).

WHAT: 22 September 2015 at the Radio One studios

WEAR: Shrimps Hokas PVC Coat (£450); Hillier Bartley Bunny Handbag (£495) in Navy and Purple Stripes; Topshop Unique Velvet Low Heels (£45). 

WHAT: 23 September 2015 at the Gucci S/S 16 show

WEAR: Gucci silk flower brooch from S/S 16 collection and Leather Slippers (£650).

Which look is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below. We LOVE #10. See what the other London A-listers wore to LFW S/S 16.