The Man Who Changed the Way We Dress Forever

It's hard to deny that Alessandro Michele's influence on the fashion world has been anything other than both phenomenal and ubiquitous. Whether you're on Instagram, at fashion week, or even on the tube—and regardless of even knowing who this Roman-born designer is—I guarantee you'll see someone wearing a piece of Alessandro's Gucci. It could be a head-to-toe look or a monogrammed bag, but once you're acquainted with his highly distinctive more-is-more aesthetic, it's plain to see everywhere. So much so that you'll even start to spot the copycats we see multiplying by the minute.

After a period of recession-friendly runways being dedicated to safe, minimal styling, 45-year-old Michele's designs came along at a time when we needed something new and bold, and boy, did he deliver. His fresh—and frankly quite madcap—take on geek-chic became one of the most coveted, talked-about and copied styles within moments of his first A/W womenswear show for the brand in 2015. But to understand just how the designer came to change the way we dress, we're looking at his career history, his A-list fans, his popularity with street stylers, the major trends he's created, as well as the cult buys we're all still snapping up. Keep scrolling to see just how Alessandro Michele is the man behind every major trend right now.