Airport Starter Pack: The 7 Items Our Editors Never Travel Without

One of the most popular things we cover here at Who What Wear is airport style. Pictures of what Gigi Hadid, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Kendall Jenner and more wear to terminals across the world are always just as loved as any fashion week street style pictures. It is, therefore, (unofficially) within our job descriptions to look at endless pictures of airport style, so you can bet we WWW editors have our own long-haul uniforms down.

Here, several of our editors—from Los Angeles to London—are sharing what they always wear to travel, as well as divulging their tips on staying comfortable and looking stylish at 39,000 feet. Their personal styles couldn't be more different on a day-to-day basis, but when it comes to travelling, they all have similar tactics. Each editor sticks to grey, black and white to make layering even easier, and every single one of them travels in a pair of trainers. Scroll below to see what six of our editors wear to travel.

1. Luxury Tracksuit Bottoms

"I like to keep it comfortable for long-haul flights, so my key item is a pair of polished jogger pants. These are heavenly to touch. For shoes, it's usually these white sneakers, but I'll do flat boots as well. To keep the entire look elevated, I'll toss on a cosy blazer-coat on top." — Kat Collings, Who What Wear editor in chief

2. A Fun Colourful Scarf (That Can Double as a Pillow)

"I usually travel with one of Charlotte Simone's popsicle scarves, as they're so snuggly but also look glamorous—the ideal combination. Also make a great pillow alternative… Can you tell I like sleeping on flights?" — Hannah Almassi, Who What Wear UK editorial director

3. Classic Converses

"I just always travel in jeans, a T-shirt and trainers (usually Converse). I get cold on flights, so I always wear a jumper too (usually cashmere), and then I also take a cashmere scarf (one like a blanket). Then I'll probably wear a leather jacket/black blazer so I'm not cold when I land back in the UK from my holiday. As for handbags, I try to take a small tote and not much else." — Elinor Block, Who What Wear UK

4. A Blazer

"Flying makes you feel meh enough, so I always like to travel in a blazer rather than something too cosy so I feel more put together when I arrive at my destination. Plus I often wear blazers and find that they become horribly crinkled if packed in a suitcase." — Emma Spedding, Who What Wear UK deputy editor

5. A Hoodie

"I'd always wear a hoodie. It might not be the chicest thing, but planes can get super cold, and for me, if there's going to be any chance of sleep, I need to be warm. I normally opt for one with a hood so I can keep cosy, and it has to be soft—because, you know, comfort. I have this Nike one in both black and grey, and it doubles up as the perfect jumper to wear to and from the gym when it's not being used on a flight." — Alyss Bowen, Byrdie associate social media editor

6. A White T-Shirt (Pack a Spare in Your Bag)

"Pretty much every time I travel, I wear a variation of the same outfit. A light coat, hoodie or sweater, and a white tee (with an extra one in my bag to change into upon arrival), and I usually keep the black cropped flares and sneakers the same. It's perfect for me because I can add or remove layers throughout the flight (since the temperature always fluctuates in the plane). I personally feel most comfortable in jeans (as opposed to sweatpants or leggings), and honestly, putting a coat over anything makes it look instantly sleek." — Nicole Akhtarzad, Who What Wear market editor

7. Comfortable Trousers

"Definitely comfortable trousers; I like a nice linen or loose thick cotton. I'm sorry, but I'm not one of those people who can sit in jeans." — Isabel Mundigo-Moore, Who What Wear UK associate social media editor

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Opening Image: Aminatabelli

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