The Fashion Items That Can Take 10 Years Off Your Age

When I was growing up, my sister and I were obsessed with anything fashion- and style-related. One day, we decided it was time we took our mum shopping to give her a "makeover". We wanted to totally transform her personal style for the better (because as teenagers, we thought we knew so much more than she did about fashion). Ultimately, she allowed us to help her pick out a few key items that would update her everyday outfits: well-fitting jeans in a more current shape, a few blouses that offered pops of colour, and seriously stylish shoes. I'll admit that I thought her new wardrobe made her appear years younger than her actual age.

I now realise that "dressing for your age" is no hard-and-fast rule—you'll always look your best wearing whichever clothes you feel good in. But the reason my mum's new wardrobe made her look younger in my eyes is that there are actual fashion items that can do the trick. It turns out that the teenager in me who gave my mum a "makeover" was shopping according to the items that Hollywood wardrobe stylist Anita Patrickson says can "really help freshen things up".

"Making sure things fit beautifully is a surefire way to help anyone look their best," Patrickson shared with me. She also pointed out that, "Most people own a bunch of these items already, so it's about piecing them together carefully and having fun. We all get so scared of making a 'fashion faux pas' that we forget the number one rule: to enjoy ourselves and take a few risks. Above all else, that is what truly keeps outfits looking young and fresh. Even something as easy as jeans and a white tee can be a 'moment'."

Overall, Patrickson highlighted five fashion items that do the trick, no matter what. From the accessories to carry to the jean shape to look for, the following pieces are must-haves that anyone of any age is almost guaranteed to look their best in.

1. Mismatched Accessories
ageless fashion



2. An On-Trend Pair of Jeans
timeless fashion



3. Statement Earrings
ageless fashion items



4. Fabulous Shoes
timeless shoes



5. A Well-Fitting Jumpsuit
timeless fashion items



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