6 Affordable Sunglasses Brands That Won't Break the Bank

An It bag can consume an entire month’s rent, so surely sunglasses do less damage? Not if you have a Gucci habit (a pair of its crystal-studded frames are an eye-popping £865) or your heart’s set on Acne Studio’s cult Mustang frames (they’ll run you a cool £240). Three figures don’t bode well if you’ve been known to sit on your shades after a round of sundowners.

For the accident-prone and budget-conscious, the good news is that sunnies costing as much as a long-haul flight aren’t the only ones the A-listers have been tucking into their T-shirt collars. Bella Hadid has been sporting rectangular shades that look like something from a sci-fi film set, while her sister Gigi favours a space-age cat eye in silver. Both are from Le Specs and are a mere £75 a pop.