7 Summer Trends You Can 100% Buy on a Budget

If you like being thrifty with your fashion choices, then I'm fairly certain summer is your favourite season. It's tricky to find affordable, expensive-looking pieces that look luxe throughout the winter—cheap knitwear, for example, can be spotted a mile off, in my opinion. But reasonably priced, designer-worthy pieces for this time of year? Well, they're far easier to come by. There's something about the comparative simplification of summer dressing that allows it: Cheeky, irreverent trends are created by high-fashion houses and high-street megaliths alike—who can really tell apart a pom-pom–clad £1500 basket bag from a £35 one?

Some extensive trawling has resulted in two things: Firstly, I just dropped a whole heap of cash in Zara (what's new?), and secondly, I could start pulling together the common threads that run between the high-streets chicest items. There are certain trends you can get away with pretending you spent a fortune on, like black-and-white gingham (red and blue can give their price tags away, for some completely unscientific reason) or the wave of ultra-plain swimsuits in stores like COS and Uniqlo.

Keep scrolling to see the seven key affordable summer trends you can invest in now.