Under-£100 Homeware Buys From H&M, Zara and More

Affordable homeware buys:


ASOS Lotte

During the first lockdown I found myself falling into interior-decorating holes, spending hours finding new homeware brands and cool interior-design Instagram accounts for inspiration. This is partly down to nosiness and a desire to see how other people are using their spaces, but also because I have an impulse to show more love to my home while spending so much time indoors. Now we enter a third lockdown and my homeware obsession is at an all time high. 

I've cleaned more than ever before and spent a whole weekend lovingly painting one door. Like many of us, I'm being careful with my spending, so the last thing I'd want to do in this period is make people feel like they need to spend more or feel pressured to make home improvements.

Affordable homeware buys:


Erica Davies

As someone who has recently moved into a new house, I know just how expensive interiors can be, so I want to share some of the things I've found along the way. Ever since I got my moving date back in January 2020, I've been on the lookout for home accessories with some personality that are under £100.

My favourite places to shop have been H&M Home, John Lewis, Arket and Zara Home, as they are sites I regularly browse for ideas and escapism. Items that have stood out to me recently are Arket's zebra blanket and H&M's oversize ceramic vases.

Affordable homeware buys:



Keep scrolling to see the under-£100 homeware pieces I've found—some that are more investment accessories and some more substantial pieces of furniture. 

Shop Under-£100 Homeware

The wavy edges are so cool. 

This would look amazing with eucalyptus in it. 

Add a pop of colour to your table with this beautiful vase.

This has been an influencer favourite. 

These candles have been all over Instagram. 

For those of us that can't keep plants alive. 

Astrid Wilson is an influencer favourite.

Brighten up your morning coffees with these cups.

Host is a small independent homeware brand that aims to make quality pieces more accessible. 

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