5 Affordable Home Décor Trends That Make You Look Rich

When you're admiring someone's mirror selfie online, it's a given that most eyes will be gorging on what's happening in the background as well as the outfit in question, right? As someone who gorges a lot, I love this incidental aspect of Instagram—it satisfies my inherent nosiness and provides endless décor inspiration.

After peeking at the furniture and accessory choices in the homes of some of the world's most stylish women, I’ve come to note certain key themes that can really elevate a space. The good news is that you don't need an endless renovation budget to tap into the luxurious look. With a few accessories that call on opulent textures and materials, you, too, can channel that sophisticated vibe in one easy (and affordable) move. 

1. Curated Cloches

Affordable Home Decor Trends That Make You Look Rich: cloches



This could even be a cake stand that rarely ever gets to see the light of day. Play around with candles, clusters of ornaments, seashells or anything that deserves its own little stage. And switch it up as the seasons change.

2. Sculptural Lighting

It doesn't matter if you can't afford the cult lighting fixtures of Pernille et al. (hers is from Louis Poulsen), as the high street has come to the rescue with conversation-starting pieces with gentle price tags.

3. Touches of Marble

5 Affordable Home Decor Trends That Make You Look Rich: Marble



We don't really need to explain the luxe appeal of marble, but we can point you in the direction of low-commitment buys that bring its natural, elevated feel into every one of your rooms. 

4. Rattan

Rattan is enjoying a moment in the trend spotlight, but it's sure to provide an enduring and tactile point of difference to everything else you already own—trust me.

5. Pops of Velvet

5 Affordable Home Decor Trends That Make You Look Rich: velvet



Velvet just screams decadence, but it doesn't have to equal wintry. Try pops of colour through small additions, and prepare to get hooked.

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