Welcome to Your 2021 Aesthetic—7 Epic Trends I Found For Under £80

It’s a brand new year, which means I’m thinking all about what cool fashion trends are ahead of us. Yep, the pieces from the S/S 21 runways are about to drop but if you want to get an early start wearing them like I do, now is the time to start updating your closet.

From the second-skin tops Who What Wear editors can’t stop talking about to the anti-neutral colour that’s about to take over to the ‘90s-inspired jeans I can't get enough of, there are plenty of cool ways to update your 2021 aesthetic right now. If you’re sticking to a budget you’re in luck because I hunted the internet for the best finds that ring in under £100 but look just as cool as more expensive buys. Ready to try out some of the coolest pieces for the new year? Here, discover 7 affordable fashion trends to wear in 2021.

Checkerboard Prints

Fun checkerboard prints instantly bring an element of cool punk into any outfit you're wearing. In past seasons, we've seen plaids everywhere, so this feels like a fresh take on checks.

Bubblegum Pink

Affordable fashion trends 2021: bubblegum pink



Neutrals have reigned supreme for many seasons now. While they'll still be sticking around, expect to see bold pops of bubblegum pink everywhere in 2021.

Second-Skin Tops

Affordable fashion trends 2021: second-skin tops



I love a versatile basic and for the season ahead the #1 closet staple is anything but boring. Second-skin tops with cool patterns will be the piece to own.

'90s Throwback Bags

Affordable fashion trends 2021: '90s throwback bags


@camillecharriere; Pictured: Prada bag

Those cool baguettes that were a defining silhouette in the '90s are back in a major way, thanks to brands like Prada who have reissued the originals. Consider this to be the bag you can wear with just about anything.

Baggy Jeans

Affordable fashion trends 2021: baggy jeans


@emmaleger; Pictured: Zara jeans

Buh-bye skinny jeans. In 2021, it will be all about the looser, baggier silhouette. Good news to someone like me who lives for pieces that are comfortable.

House Shoes

Affordable fashion trends 2021: house shoes


@tylynnnguyen; Pictured: Tamara Mellon shoes

One of the biggest shoe trends in the S/S 21 collections? Cool, cosy house shoes. These reinvented slippers are finished with everything from plush shearling to buckled straps.

Knit Polos

Affordable fashion trends 2021: knit polos


@fakerstrom; Pictured: Celine bag; Converse sneakers

The knit polo is a trend I'm very behind. A bit preppy but with a dose of cool, it's a great alternative to your basic T-shirt or button-down top.

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