The Affordable Fashion Label Our Editor Wants to Keep a Secret

As an editor who has recently gone on a print detox, pored over street snaps of Copenhagen's coolest girls and is always intrigued to shop the alternative corners of the high street for expensive-looking, long-lasting, top-quality buys, then is it any wonder the label Weekday is my special go-to?


Instagram is full of brilliant examples of Weekday's simple-but-effective pieces styled in unique ways.

This Scandi-influenced fashion label has finally hit our shoes via bricks and mortar on London's Regent Street, but you can also get hold of it online—and you should. They do great basics with a twist, like an off-the-shoulder ribbed sweater or duster coats in colours you hadn't thought would be useful but really are (read: yellow).

They do the kind of minimalism I'm down with—aka not being so minimalist that life is boring. Weekday, like so many Scandi labels, is great at denim too, so every new shape you could wish for will be there. I could go on with the list of reasons why it's excellent—it's the same list of reasons I try to keep the whole thing a secret. But I'm feeling generous, and I like sharing with you—you fashionable lot deserve it.

Scroll down to see the pieces I'd buy from Weekday any day of this week…