These Affordable Face Masks Are Some of the Best That Money Can Buy

Nothing feels quite as relaxing sometimes as kicking back and lounging while a nourishing face mask gets to work on your stressed-out complexion. And with some of our diary time having recently freed-up, we're indulging in some hard-earned pampering and have found ourselves masking more than ever before. With a helping hand from a cooling sheet mask, a sumptuous cream or clarifying clays, there are very few skin issues that won't benefit from the luxury of a mask.

But just because using a face mask feels like an at-home luxury, doesn't mean it's a ritual that has to come with a luxury price tag. In fact, there's a whole bunch of face masks out there that give high-end results for a fraction of the price. Sure, some of the more expensive masks will house more potent, efficacious ingredients, but if you're just looking to give your skin a little treat, there's no need to spend the big bucks.

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Whether you suffer from blocked pores and oiliness, dryness and sensitivity or you simply want to take a timeout, keep scrolling for all of the purse-friendly face masks your complexion will thank you for using.

Unlike any standard blackhead-busting clay mask, this stuff is jam-packed with serious ingredients. With salicylic acid to slough away at pore-clogging dead skin cells and regulatory niacin, this formula is good enough to compete with others 10 times the price.

Harnessing the power of super-calming and skin-healing centella asiatica (or cica), this soothing mask is amazing at taking down redness and irritation.

While some detoxifying clay masks risk drying out and irritating more sensitive skin types, this calming formula works to bust excess sebum out of pores but also contains mallow flower extract to minimise discomfort.

While so many sheet masks slip around the face and risk drenching your hair, this clever mask comes in two sections to make for the perfect fit. On top of that, it's one of the most thirst-quenching formulas around. 

Again, championing salicylic acid to give breakout-prone complexions a helping hand, this powerful mask from The Ordinary offers exfoliation and radiance that compares to some of the most expensive skincare products available.

For a real no-fuss, moisturising skin treatment, look no further than this budget sheet mask. Free from perfume, colour and potentially drying chemicals, it's ideal for sensitive skin. 

Praised by just about everyone that's ever tried it, this £3 no-rinse mask delivers a plumped, nourished complexion after just one use. Just slather it on and let it sink in. 

As one of Japan's best-selling skincare brands, you can trust Bioré products to deliver. This pretty crystal mask uses natural charcoal to absorb excess oil and help refine the appearance of pores. 

It's rare to find two powerful antioxidants like Q10 and vitamin C in a mask that costs less than £5, but here we are. After just 10 minutes, you can expect the skin to look glowing and rejuvenated. As a bonus, the mask itself is biodegradable. 

Perfect for days when you're feeling a little run down, this soothing, moisturising mask aims to reduce fatigue and calm the senses. 

While it's easy to feel as though this fun-to-use face mask is nothing more than a gimmick, it's actually crammed with powerhouse ingredients such a vitamin C to leave skin clarified and glowing.

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