10 Affordable Engagement Ring Designers That Still Make a Big Impact

Christmas isn't the only thing fast approaching, as the festive period is one of the busiest times for a proposal too—maybe it's all that Buck's Fizz, the romanticism of holding hands whilst ice-skating around a Tiffany-decorated tree and the exciting thought of a New Year ahead.

With an engagement ring being a forever piece, you'll want to make sure that you pick something that'll go the distance in the style stakes. Our tip? Choose something that will complement your overall style—you'll be flashing it around daily, so it makes sense to go for something that'll fit in with your personal style, rather than something of the moment and trendy.


There are added benefits to taking that approach in the finance department too (which is no doubt something you'll thank us for when it comes to planning—and paying for—the big day). It's true: A classic diamond will never go out of fashion, but there's a welcome flurry of new designers creating beautiful alternatives for less than a thousand pounds.

Married already, with a long-term boyfriend who still hasn't shown signs of committing, single, or just someone who enjoys aimlessly looking at rings on Pinterest? Treat yourself to something you'll love forever. And if you aren't sure of how much to spend, check out our guide to engagement ring costs. Keep scrolling to shop our most coveted (and affordable) engagement rings.