I'm a Beauty Editor—These Are the 11 Affordable Beauty Buys I Swear By

While I'm very lucky to be given products to try out for my job, I also love spending my money on beauty products too. My collection is a nice split of expensive and affordable products. I'm not precious about how much things cost; I just need them to work.

There are certain products, like foundation, face oils, body lotion and face masks that I like to invest in. I've done the legwork, and these are the categories that I, personally find to be the most effective when I throw some more money at it.

Outside of this, I'm all about a drugstore find, especially when it comes to makeup such as mascara and lipstick. Also, affordable brands have stepped up recently, especially in skincare, to give us results-driven products at a fraction of the cost of their competitors.

Affordable Beauty Buys: Giselle



This is where some self-directed beauty studies can come in handy. Investigate those ingredients list and compare them. If you know the actives that you like and the percentages they come in at, you can usually find a more affordable option. 

Also, once you know the products that are non-negotiable for you to spend more money on, then you can play around with cheaper products outside of that. I love and honestly can't do without, a primer that's £49 (Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer), so I save elsewhere else, with more affordable products on the rest of my face. 

I've gone through my makeup bag and the backup makeup bags to share my all-time favourite affordable beauty buys. These are the products that I still buy and use on the daily. Keep scrolling to shop my hero products. 

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I'm a diehard false lash wearer, but on my lash-free days, this is my go-to to make my falsies look more realistic.

I add honey to pretty much everything I eat (antioxidants, y'all), and this lip balm not only gives me my honey fix, but keeps my lip smooth even in winter.

I've been wearing false lashes for around 10 years. The biggest lesson I learned along the way: Never use the glue the lashes come with; use this instead. I have a tube in every bag. 

You know your skincare is working for you when you stop using it and your skin takes a hit. This keeps my complexion clear, and while I'm not blemish-prone, my pores sometimes get secretly congested, and this serum helps with that. 

In an effort to not carry 65 beauty products with me whenever I travel, I've made firm friends with this cleansing bar. It doesn't dry out my skin and it's gentle and effective enough for both skin and body.

I wear a lot of eye makeup, so I honestly don't know why it took me such a long time to get this. It has saved me countless minutes as I just apply it to a cotton pad, place over my eyelids and swipe. Simple. 

My natural afro hair can never get enough moisture, and this thick cream transforms it as soon as I massage it in. Most importantly it doesn't weigh my hair down and transfer onto my clothes. 

My Mum introduced my to this lipstick way back in my teens, and I've been stealing hers ever since. It's had a makeover, and the formula and colour just keep on getting better. 

Body suncreams have not been a fun ride to be on with my dark skin. Think obnoxiously white formulas that turn my skin tone grey or take hours to rub in. This spray is absolutely everything. It keeps me protected, enhances my skin tone and gives a gorgeous sunkissed sheen. I get through so many bottles of this per year. 

Blush had never been a part of my makeup routine until I met this one. I've tried most of the shades in the collection and I alternate between each of the complexion-boosting shades. 

This juicy hybrid of a balm and lipstick is my favourite way to add some colour to my lips without sacrificing on