The Affordable Luxury Shoe Brand We're Obsessed With

Know this: We will never, never pass up an opportunity to tell you about an exciting new brand we've just discovered. Especially when it comes to gorgeous-looking shoes. Well, happy Monday, everyone, as we may have just found your new favourite affordable footwear brand.

Aeyde was created in Berlin, but the line is produced in Italy to create contemporary women’s footwear designs at affordable prices. Think clean shapes in luxury materials, with a range of different shoes from pretty boots to elegant heels, as well as a few chic flats.

But more about the brand first. Aeyde is committed to making sustainable footwear, so it buys directly from the manufacturer. It's also chosen to leave out pricing components that are costly for customers only, meaning it can keep the price lower for us.

The best bit? While the brand launched in 2015, it's still pretty under the radar, meaning that the moment you wear an Aeyde item, we guarantee everyone's going to ask you where you got it. You can respond by telling them your secret, of course.

And how do we know it's under-the-radar? Currently, Aeyde only has 4000 followers on Instagram, which in our mind is an indicator of a cult following, but one we're sure is set to grow. To see just what we're talking about, we've selected some of our favourite items from the current collection that you can shop now.

Keep scrolling for our pick of Aeyde's sustainable shoe range.

Velvet sock boots. The shoes of the season, we'd argue.

Add a pop of colour to a monochrome outfit with these. 

A classic pair of ankle boots for the colder months.

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Opening Image: Aeyde