The One Thing Adwoa Will Not Be Wearing to a Festival This Year


Phill Taylor

When the Who What Wear UK team had the privilege of stepping into Adwoa Aboah’s closet for our Best Wardrobes in Britain franchise, we knew we had to glean as much vital fashion intel as was humanly possible within half a day. Adwoa is the face, voice and vibe of our generation. She is no ordinary supermodel, yet there’s something delightfully ordinary in just how down-to-earth she is for someone with a face so divine and a bookings list that reads like a what’s what and who’s who in the industry (think Vogue covers, major ad campaigns with Ugg or Burberry, British Fashion Awards flying in left and right). As such we wanted to grill Adwoa on a few more important things outside of her personal style and eclectic wardrobe. So here’s the first in our miniseries of Aboah’s solid advice: festival dressing like a grown-up.