Why There's So Much More to Adidas Than Stan Smith Sneakers


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Last year, Adidas' Stan Smith and Superstar sneakers outsold every other trainer in the U.S. This success is due to the fact that the brand hasn't just cornered the market in athletic footwear, but it's also managed to champion the style arena as well. Every season, without fail, we will see many a fashion editor wearing either of the aforementioned styles. But did you know that there is a tonne of others that the street style crowd love? True, Stan Smiths and Superstars might be up at the top, but if you're keen to wear some that are a little different from the rest of the crowd's while still giving off that vintage vibe, we've got just the thing. Keep scrolling for nine other cool Adidas sneakers you'll love, plus the classics in case you still want them too.

Originally released in 1977, these were intended to be sneakers for playing football. The suede green versions are exactly what you might want for the colder weather.

If you love '80s fashion, then jump on this style that was released in 1984. Whether in white or grey, the retro feel is undeniable.

For those who don't like a thick sole, then the Bermudas might be the perfect fit. Designed in the '70s, we can just imagine wearing them with flares.

Apparently, these were originally a black-and-yellow stripe trainer. However, you can now get these in a more wardrobe-friendly blue.

As it turns out, these were meant for the Munich games in the '70s and were meant to be running shoes. While you might not use them for that activity anymore, we guarantee they'll look incredible with your new Ganni dress.

Ah, the Gazelles. Made massively popular by Kate Moss et al during the '90s, they've recently experienced another resurgence over the past year. Get them in a muted grey for a sophisticated take.

Another '80s design, these were worn by the likes of the Beastie Boys. You can now get them in unique colourways.

You probably know all about these, but the Adidas Stan Smith sneakers are basically a wardrobe staple for everyone in fashion. From the likes of Victoria Beckham to various Vogue editors, there's no part of fashion these shoes haven't infiltrated.

The top selling sneakers, the Superstar is still at the number one spot for good reason: It's a classic design that can be worn with everything. While they might have gained fame via Run-DMC, the style continues to be worn by street stylers and the likes of Alexa Chung

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