I’ve Been Obsessed With This Label for Over 15 Years

I remember the first time I picked up an Adidas Originals item: It was a classic blue with white stripes track jacket. This was during the '90s when the label was often worn by the era's biggest stars, such as Liam Gallagher and Kate Moss. I still have that jacket, and wear it often. Thing is, when it comes to the fashion industry, the lure of the three stripes has never really disappeared. At the end of last year, the brand revealed that it was out-performing its competitors, which is in part thanks to its sales of Stan Smith sneakers and its Superstar trainers. But there are so many more reasons why the brand has become so popular. Keep scrolling to read more about the history behind Adidas Originals, how to style it now and where to shop key pieces.

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