If You're Looking for Unique Style, Stop and See This New Blogger

We spend a lot of time on Instagram hunting down the coolest and chicest fashion influencers. While we do see a lot of similar looks, sometimes a blogger comes along who stops us in our tracks, as we suddenly need to know more about their new way of styling. Ada Oguntodu is one such girl—and we currently can't get enough of her Instagram feed. Her style, which she also documents on No.Ordinary.She, is unfussy, but every outfit packs a punch. She embraces colour in a way we haven't seen for a long time (see her mustard trouser–and–pink blouse combo for an example), and she's not afraid to play around with silhouettes and styles, opting for oversized blazers and pairing hoodies underneath them. For these reasons and more, we've delved into her style, and we've come up with lessons we can all learn from her. Keep scrolling for our guide to Ada Oguntodu's style.

#1: Pink and mustard for the win

#2: Just a touch of red can do wonders 

#3: Don't fear the hoodie

#4: Baker boy caps and fancy dresses totally work

#5: Look for white blouses with quirks

#6: Pairing socks with sandals is always a good idea

#7: It's not all about the white graphic tee

#8: Embrace red trousers

#9: Take risks with hemlines 

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We've had our eye on this for a while, and it's now in the sale. 

To be worn with the previous pink top. 

Want to wear a bold colour, but don't feel confident? Pair it with a grey blazer. 

We could see Ada wearing this dress. 

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