Meet the Actress Set to Play Kate Middleton

Although we’ve yet to see an onscreen version of Kate Middleton, an upcoming Broadway play called King Charles III will feature the Duchess of Cambridge. Set to play her is 31-year-old actress Lydia Wilson, who recently opened up to WWD about the role, saying: “We [may] know that she has bangs right now but we don’t know how she feels existentially as an outsider in this bizarre royal family. It’s really fun to imagine what she might be going through or how clever she must’ve been to thrive in this very restricted environment.”

To prepare for the role, Wilson studied countless interviews with Middleton to pick up on every important nuance. But the play itself isn’t exactly based on reality—written by Mike Bartlett, it’s a dystopian tale imagining what might happen when Queen Elizabeth passes away, leaving the palace to Prince Charles. So, it’s best to take her characterization with a grain of salt, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be lining up for tickets!

Learn more about the play at WWD. What other actresses would you like to see play Kate Middleton? Sound off in the comments, and shop our selection of royal-worthy dresses!