Invest in These Minimalist Boots and All Your Outfits Will Look 10 Times Sleeker

Searching for the perfect pair of boots is long, arduous work. There are heel heights to consider and toe-shapes, how far they climb up the leg, and then, of course, there are countless colours to choose from. But let's simplify things for a second. It's widely agreed that black boots make for the most versatile, so let's focus on that. Then the heel; it's nice to have a little bit of height but, as much as we'd like it to be otherwise, we certainly don't have any real need for a heel over the size of two inches right now. Ankle-grazing boots work well on all women, so let's filter that in. and as for toe? Well, nothing looks quite so sharp as a pointed one. Put all of these factors together, and what do you get? The closest thing to the perfect pair of boots we can imagine, which, as it turns out, bears a striking resemblance to Acne's Jensen boots.

A few years ago, ACNE Jensen boots were harder to get your hands on than vintage Chanel. They were like gold dust. Wait-lists were formed, and those lucky enough to secure a pair posted them gleefully on social media. And while they're somewhat easier to come by nowadays, their appeal hasn't wained. This is thanks to their classic design which has given them endless wardrobe appeal. 

Inspired by traditional Chelsea styles, ACNE's Jensen boot provided a glossy take on the every day, suits-all-occasions shoe. Keeping the Chelsea boot's trademark elasticated sides, Jensen updates include its signature pointed-toe complete with a sliver of silver, a chunky heel, and a distinctive v-shape to the shaft. The ankle height means the boot works well with straight-leg jeans or cropped trousers, while the simple silhouette allows them to be paired with statement prints or colours, by way of midi skirts or dresses. 

Over the years, ACNE Jensen boots have become an integral part of the minimalist uniform. From September to May, nearly every pared-back influencer we follow pulls them out to pair with their camel coats, navy tailored trousers, and cream knitwear, for a chic look that required minimal effort. Sounds appealing, right? 

Acne Jensen Boots: @emmahill wears a pair of Acne Jensen boots



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