Acne Studios's New Women's Campaign Stars a Preteen Boy

As agender clothing continues to work its way into mainstream consciousness, the fashion world seems to be 10 steps ahead. After yesterday’s announcement that Repetto had designed ballet flats for men, we’re seeing further proof of fashion’s genderless efforts with Acne Studios latest women’s campaign. Rather than featuring the usual female model, the ads star Frasse Johansson, the 12-year-old son of Acne Studios’s creative director, Jonny Johansson.

Shot by renowned photog Viviane Sassen, the first image has Frasse rocking a thick pink coat with gilded visor sunglasses, all topped off by oversize jewellery that manages to be both glittery and tough. But that juxtaposition seems to be the point. “The cut, the shape and the character of the garment is the crucial thing, rather than seeking approval from society or to follow set norms,” designer Johansson explained to WWD. Well, we’re totally on board and are not in the least surprised that such a cool campaign comes from the always forward-thinking Acne Studios.

Scroll down to see the first image from Acne Studio's F/W 15 campaign.



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