Hair Bows

As youngsters, we were known around the neighbourhood for throwing tremendous tea parties. Everyone from the surrounding blocks wanted to come and drink some imaginary Earl Grey with us, and while we were definitely excellent mini-hostesses, our popularity probably had something to with our guests wanting to play with our elaborate and enviably organised doll collection. We may be grown-ups now, but we're still fond of "getting dolled up," (albeit in a totally different way) and occasionally even find ourselves taking style tips from our porcelain childhood companions. It appears we're not the only ones who enjoy a little nostalgic accessorizing, as we've noticed a number of trendsetters are reaching for that dolly classic-the hair bow.

Hair bows have a rich and varied history, of course, and have been spotted on some of our favourite people in all of pop culture. We loved Alice (in Wonderland) and her classic black headband prettified with a bow, the frilly pastel bows worn by the Von Trapp girls in The Sound of Music, and who could forget Madonna in her Lucky Star music video sporting an oversized, lacy version of the look? Not us! Naturally, the material girl in all of us celebrated when we spotted a variety of bows on the fall runways. We adored everything from the exaggerated fairytale bows at Sportmax to the prim and polished look at Calvin Klein to the long colourful ribbons that complemented Luella's gothic carnival ambience.

Designers aren't alone in their fondness for the hair accessory, it seems bows are making it big with young celebrities as well. One modern day mistress of the dolled-up look, Katy Perry, is clearly fond of girlish bows. She wore a petite pink bow pinned to a small section of her hair while performing for MTV's FNMTV. (The bow itself was actually pulled off one of Perry's stage costumes.) Another pop star who is partial to the trend is Rihanna; she went for a punky version of the look with Claire's Skull Bow Headwrap ($5.50, 310.446.0063) while shopping in West Hollywood last month. Equally keen on hair bows are a few of our trusted British fashionistas-Alexa Chung and Kelly Osbourne. Chung amplified her already demure disposition when she turned up at Glamour's Women of the Year Awards with a navy piece of ribbon in her hair from famed British bow emporium VV Roleaux. Finally, Osbourne left London's Radio One Show in June modelling a doll-like maroon bow that most closely resembles those shown on the Sportmax runway.

On the product front, make note that later this month you can purchase Luella's bows in the designer's online shop. Both the Hair Clip ($85) and Alice Hairband ($95) will bear the brand's trademark heart in the center of each piece. If you have any free-spirit tendencies (at least when it comes to how you dress), then Gabriela Artiga's Vintage Bow Headband ($86) is the bow for you. Readers who delight in making statements should try a full-on version like ASOS' Chapeau Claudette Oversize Bow and Veil Clip ($44). Prepsters and Gossip Girl fans alike will admire Forever 21's Plaid Bow Hair Clip ($4.80) and Textured Ribbon Headband ($2.80), not only are they very Blair Waldorf, but you can't beat the price. Just like with chains, bows are something you can easily do on your own, so take a cue from Katy Perry and stretch your creativity! -Jessica Amento

Photos of Alexa and Katy, Getty Images. Photo of Kelly, Splash News. Runway images, First View.