Gold Hoops

We had a phase many years ago, when we wore big hoop earrings like it was our job. But then, our ardor cooled and we felt like they-especially in gold-seemed a little 80's passé. Silly us. We realised the small-sightedness of our ways and quickly recognised they belong in our jewellery boxes for good. As anyone devoted to trends knows, it's as important to have classic staples in one's repertoire as current delights. And judging by the surge of celebrities sporting gold hoop earrings, they got the memo too.

We first spotted the return of gold hoop earrings on the Cavalli spring runway, as the focal jewellery adornment, paired with center-parted, tightly slicked back hair. While Cavalli was channeling a feminine Spanish matador, we think gold hoops also perfectly compliment this season's many Biba-inspired 70's looks. We recently caught the hoop-loyal Jennifer Lopez wearing a pair, above, but when we noticed them on celebrities who rarely wear earrings, like Rachel Bilson, they really hit our radar. Plus, whenever you see something on such wildly divergent stylephiles as Lily Allen and Hilary Duff you realise the mass appeal.

Like a pair of diamond studs or a Hermes enamel bangle, buying a nice pair of slightly oversized (think: about two inches) gold hoops is a smart investment. However, it's not necessary. One of our favourite stores for inexpensive, well-made jewellery is Banana Republic, and they're currently carrying a super skinny, two-inch, gold-plated pair called the Large Hoop Earring ($18, Since gold hoops aren't worn against skin, you can buy a pair of super cheapies, like Target's Gold Twisted Hoop Earrings, and never worry that the telltale green mark will give away your secret ($7.99, We also found Yochi Design's Hoop Earrings from Shopbop that have a cool orange enamel stripe ($42, ).

Photos of JLO and Cameron, courtesy of