21 Incredible Accessories To Splurge On Now

With all the advice out in the world on what you should spend money on and what you shouldn't—including some from yours truly!—it can sometimes be a landmine just trying to figure out what's worth your hard-earned dollars. And it really should be a decision you spend time thinking about--your money is far too important to throw away on things you won't wear, that won't last, or that will soon fall out of fashion.

So we're going to make it real easy—below, you'll find 21 amazing accessories totally worth splurging on. And in the spirit of democratic shopping, we've also included several more budget-friendly options that look just as polished (read: expensive)—all of them, regardless of the price tag, will make superb additions to your wardrobe.

Scroll down for 21 accessories you can shop right now!